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Help with health insurance

Looking for any advice and good companies

post 23.Jun.2018, 08:27 PM
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post 1.Jul.2018, 08:17 AM
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SUCCESSFUL comprehensive medical insurance application with Skatteverket!!!

Just so you all know.

We first applied in January 2018 and were referred back because my employment as a remote worker from the UK did not qualify me as employed.

I then had may discussions with our case worker about medical insurance, and was told bluntly that they would not accept medical Insurance unless it has no exceptions and covered previous declared conditions. There is no insurance on the planet that meets this requirement !!! And the caseworker agreed and was not aware of any sucessful applications.

So, I raised this with the EU solivit process as a block to free movement within the EU.

When I spoke to the case worker again at the end of March, I was told they had received "clarification" from the EU about the definition of complete medical cover, and new instructions from Stockholm's legal team.

I reapplied with Cigna Gold insurance , paid a bit extra to remove an exception for a current condition (which you can do).

The application at Skatteverket went through, and we GOT our PERSONNUMMERS in 10 days. !!!!

Just waiting for the ID cards now.

Hope this helps.

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post 14.Sep.2020, 05:10 AM
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Hello Richard!

I am currently going to be applying with Cigna Gold and it will be my third attempt trying to get a personnummer.

I was wondering a few things.

What was the exception you needed to remove from the insurance?

And how did it work exactly with Solvit? You mentioned they needed to clarify what the meaning of medical coverage is, I was wondering if you could share? I tried checking websites but I did not find a concrete answer.

I've been trying to do research on legal teans that can advise people but I have found nothing in that regard as well.

I would like to be prepared for a denial from this health insurance
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post 14.Sep.2020, 01:40 PM
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If you are working and paying taxes in Sweden you should automatically have access to Swedish health care. If you are not working and looking for private health insurance to be able to register as living in Sweden and get a personal number and ID you will find it extremely difficult and expensive.

The authorities have very strict guidelines on what must be covered but are not forthcoming with telling you exactly what. I read lots of stories from people getting private health insurance only to get refused because it's not good enough even when they are paying thousands a year for it.

When I got to Sweden It was so much hassle to get any clear information about it that I eventually just gave up and went without until I found a job. This is risky though and can also be expensive, I had to see a doctor about an eye infection, I was only in there 10mins as it was nothing serious but it cost around 1800kr.
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