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västtrafik ungdom card trouble

Apparently I don't qualify as a student...

post 18.Mar.2020, 12:49 AM
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So I'm staying in Sweden for a very short time (3 months) as a visiting student. When I first got here I bought a v?sttrafik 3-month card, and the lady who sold it to me asked me if I was a student, and sold me the corresponding card. The first couple of weeks I wondered why no one checked my card or whether I scanned it or not... But anyway it happened for the first time yesterday and I showed my card and that was it. However today the exact same crew checked my card again, and asked for my ID, and I just showed them an international student ID I have and intended to show them the signed invitation for my visit, but they told me I needed a mecenat card or else they had to give me a fine. "Luckily" they let me go, but they told me I had to get that card or change my v?sttrafik card for one that is not for students... As I'm working with a supervisor and not enrolled in any classes the university didn't give me such card, and I don't know if they'll be able to... Do you think I have good chances explaining myself to v?sttrafik and trying to "upgrade" my card by paying the difference between the card I need and this "ungdom" one I got? To be honest I also found it creepy that the exact same crew went for me the day after, when yesterday they didn't say anything after checking my card... Maybe I'm being paranoid but in the weeks that no one checked my card I wondered if anyone looked at the security footage or something. Anyway I'm a bit mad because I wouldn't have said I was a student when I bought the card if I knew the implications, feel free to give any feedback or advice! Thank you.

Ps. I still have the receipt for my card, but I'm not sure it will be useful because I understand that any exchanges must be within 24 hours after buying the card...
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