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The Local _ Legal _ Does a-kassa care about insurances & pension?

Posted by: theremin 9.Oct.2019, 09:17 PM


Background: I am a Swedish citizen and have been fastanst?lld employed in my company for many years. Last year, I had a termination contract due to redundancy, so did not physically go to work since then while I have been employed on paper. During this time, all my insurances have also been paid (sjukf?rs?kring, livf?rs?kring, trygghetsf?rs?kring vid arbetsskada, tj?nstepensionsf?rs?kring). This month I will receive my last pay slip and this is also the last month my insurances and pension are being paid (the insurance company has already been informed regarding termination).
Moreover, I have unused paid vacation days that normally would get paid in my last pay slip (slutl?n).

Question: I would like to use my saved vacation days to extend my "employment". They are enough to cover another month. If my company accepts my proposal I will be employed another month on paper, while using my paid vacation days. However, they have already announced my termination to the insurance company so this can't be reversed. Does this create any issues for A-kassa? Do they only check my salary? or will they want to see my insurance and pension payments as well?

Note: I know that insurance and pension is not necessary (although %95 common) for Swedish employees. I don't have any migrationsverket situation.

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