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Does Swedish citizenship have any taxation impact?

Any tax disadvantages of dual citizenship?

post 1.Jun.2020, 01:35 PM
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After 5 years in Sweden we are liable to receive Swedish citizenship. Does Swedish citizenship has any taxation impact?

We own some properties in our home country for many years.

If we receive Swedish citizenship and one day repatriate from Sweden and later sell our foreign properties will we be liable for CGT in Sweden just because of having Swedish citizenship?

Is there any relation between Swedish citizenship and taxes?

Or is there any other disadvantage of having Swedish citizenship?

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post 1.Jun.2020, 02:32 PM
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This is from the Swedish Tax agency...

Om du flyttar ut fr?n Sverige och ?r svensk medborgare eller har bott h?r i landet minst tio ?r ska du sj?lv visa att du inte l?ngre har v?sentlig anknytning till Sverige. Detta g?ller i fem ?r fr?n utresedagen.

If you move from Sweden and are a Swedish citizen or have lived in the country for at least 10 years, you must show that when you move, you no longer have any significant connection to Sweden for a period of five years from the day you leave.

Otherwise, you would be taxed in Sweden.

Here there is list in Swedish of factors that point to you still having a connection with Sweden.

Is there any relation between Swedish citizenship and taxes?

There might be. But you would need to study the double taxation agreement between Sweden and your own country. And you might not be much wiser when you had done so!
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