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Bank Took my money

is this possible

post 16.Dec.2020, 10:57 AM
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Hello Guys,

can someone please advise me on what to do here.

Few months ago i sold bitcoins to a lady and she sent me payment via swish, i recieved the money in my account and i released the coins to her and after that my account was suspended by the bank. I had not access into the bank app. I called the bank and they asked me to wait for a letter which i got 1 week later and i was instructed to go and withdrawl all my money because my account was going to be closed.

Even when i explained and provide documents on how the money came and what i did, the bank seemed not to care and so i went to the bank to withdraw my money. Getting to the bank, 40,000kr was removed from my account and after questions and answers and fighting with the bank which i will denote as A. They informed me that another Bank B did the withdrawl from my account and i should instead go to banK B and ask them questions as they bank A cannot help me anymore.

This is strange to me since i do not have business or account with bank B and my money was in bank A and why would i go to bank B. I have been on calls over and over and reporting to all authority but it seems they are finding excuses to refund my money.

I was advised to get a private lawyer which is quite expensive and i am thinking and saving up for that option but i was wondering if i could get any advise here.
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