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Some questions about Uppsala

American looking for advice

post 16.Oct.2012, 09:15 AM
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Currently Im a California born American considering doing a year abroad at Uppsala University. Id like to ask people some questions about the area, and perhaps questions about Sweden in General. Right now my classes will be in English except a single Swedish language.
have plans to attempt to learn Swedish, and I am required to take an intro Swedish class. If anyone has some advice on picking up Swedish/getting better at it Im open to it. Im a realist though its very possible I will struggle with it, and would mostly try to rely on English when I could.

1 How much can one function without knowing the Swedish language?

Is it possible to make friends, Order from, Restaurants, buy Groceries, Survive, ETC with only knowing English? I have been told that in Scandinavia basically everyone knows english.

2 Any advice on starting to learn Swedish earlier? Im told the best way to fully learn a language is to be fully immersed in the country and the language.

3 Are there any high crime/no go areas in Uppsala?

4 How does the Uppsala student body generally view international students? Sadly at my current university it seems like for the most part the international students keep to themselves with very little effort made by most of the American Students to reach out/say hello.

5 How is the nightlife/pub/bar/Student Nation scene for someone who can only speak English? Would Swedes find it annoying constantly switching to English?

6 Dating in Uppsala

I know for a fact that Swedes generally go dutch. IE both dates split the bills. Any other things that I as an American would need to be aware of? Yes Im aware as a visiting student nothing extremely serious should be expected.

7 How is the Cuisine in Uppsala any recommendations?

8 What are certain Sweidsh pet peeves? I know that Swedes generally do not wear shoes in doors. I was wondering if there was anything else to avoid.

If anyone has any additional advice, or can answer some of my questions it would be appreciated.
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post 16.Oct.2012, 10:39 AM
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just about everyone speaks english well in sweden.
traveling by public transport etc is very easy. living in stockholm public transport is cheap and good.
I find swedish people friendly and accommodating.
swedish language like others. start with a few basic greetings and try speaking it as often as possible. you will find most swedes speak at least 2 maybe 3 languages.
havent been to uppsala so couldnt tell you much about it. most things are expensive so learn your way around and you will find cheaper stores.
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post 16.Oct.2012, 11:09 AM
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QUOTE (Potentialexpat @ 16.Oct.2012, 08:15 AM) *
Currently Im a California born American considering doing a year abroad at Uppsala University. Id like to ask people some questions about the area, and perhaps questions about ... (show full quote)

My best tip to learn the language would be to stay around and talk with Swedes. The first thing I would do is to sign up at a student nation, Snerikes or whatever, for work. You get to work serving lunch, in the bar during clubnight, at dinnerparties, conserts and so on. It`s a great way to get friends and learn the language.

You will have no problems getting by on english. You will have no issues getting friends, girlfriends, one night stands,food, drinks, medicine, cloths and so on. Not everyone speaks english but most do and in Uppsala where there`s alot of students I think it`s near 90% that knows atleast the basics.

One tip Ì know is childrens books. It might sound strange but it`s a great way to learn both the language and the culture. You read the stories that Swedes grew up with and that just gives it another dimension.

According to statistics Uppsala is in the lower 15 when it comes to crimes in Swedens 50 biggest provinces and municipality. That`s good considering Uppsala is the fourth largest town in Sweden. Overall crime is low but if you are stumbeling home drunk there is always a risk that you might lose your cell or wallet. Be smart.

The nightlife and dating scene in Uppsala is probably one of the better in the country. The key to it all? Being a student. By being a student you enter a different enviorment. You interacte with young, liberal and active people who can`t wait to release all the stress that comes from studying. Talking english won`t be a barrier.

Since Uppsala is the fourth biggest town it has some good and different places to eat. There is everything from african, greek, english to asian. One good asian place is the thai Koh Samui and then there`s alot of sushi places around. Otherwise you have Lingon and Peppar Peppar which serve modern swedish food. If you want seafood I`d say Hambergs fisk and if you want fine dining it`s Hotel Villa Anna that`s your ticket.

As a student you will probably want to have some alcohol from time to time, remember that alcohol is sold through the state own Systembolaget. They are only open during weekdays and five hours on saturdays, so plan ahead. With that said I can`t really think of any other pet peeves or advice. Sure Uppsala will be different but in the end Swedes are people and as an exchange student you will probably get a free pass for whatever indiscretions you make.

Have a good time!
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post 24.Mar.2016, 11:44 AM
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