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The Local _ Gothenburg _ Where to find a cleaner/help/babysitter

Posted by: Guest 8.Apr.2015, 02:46 AM


My friend who lives in Koldagatan (GTB) is desperately looking for some help at home, someone to do the general cleaning and babysit her 6 months old baby every now and then, maybe 4 hours twice a week.

Where can she find someone to help her and how much should she expect to pay.
She doesn't want to go through an agency as it is too expensive.

Please can you point me in the right direction, I want to help her.

Thnak you.

Posted by: littleviking 8.Apr.2015, 10:02 AM

Go post an ad on a student group in goteborg, there are plenty of student that will be willing to help.
Most registered people for these jobs ask for 170 to 200 kr per hour but probably a student will take less. You should through have in mind that unless you hire someone registered for tax in case something happens your friend cant prove squat

Posted by: Erica Adormeo 3.Feb.2021, 03:02 PM

Good day! Are you still looking for someone to help you cleaning and baby sit with your baby.
If yes i am interested. Thank you!

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