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Julskinka for dummies
Christmas Ham
7 ShaneW 10,685 28.Nov.2009
By: Puffin
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Cheese types on pizza
Which one do you use?
11 krzyz21 16,205 19.Oct.2009
By: frey
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I just bought me a new toaster
A Dualit, oooh I is posh  * 1234
47 byke 16,885 18.Oct.2009
By: Essingen
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All about tea
Preferred varieties, general chat  * 123
40 Reptile 13,599 13.Oct.2009
By: BrittInSwe…
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Cheering myself up tonight
With a little pudding
4 byke 2,873 27.Sep.2009
By: Princess P
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Anyone have a recipe for squirrel?
How to cook and garnish squirrel meat  * 12
24 Jamtjim 10,938 15.Sep.2009
By: Jamtjim
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Tea for Dee
My new addiction is a healthy one, I think  * 12
23 DidiE 7,788 15.Sep.2009
By: smokin joe
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Fruit Revolution!
Feel the power  * 12
16 byke 5,961 10.Sep.2009
By: Mzungu
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How to cook gently-steamed vegetables
Preserving vitamins, where to buy such a cooker?
2 sapiens 3,688 25.Aug.2009
By: Britannia
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Black forest cake recipes
Ingredients in Swedish, and other simple cakes
4 helikopter 8,873 19.Aug.2009
By: helikopter
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Panering svamp rissotto
Dangers of poisoning from reheated rice
6 swedfil 4,092 18.Aug.2009
By: Caribbean …
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What is mixed spice called here?
The main ingredient of rock cakes
6 Céitinn 15,650 13.Aug.2009
By: Céitinn
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School puddings
What were your favourites?
7 byke 3,625 7.Aug.2009
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Good Swedish recipes
Personal recommendations, various dishes  * 12
19 cheche 12,160 6.Aug.2009
By: Streja
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Barbecue cooking styles in Sweden
Do Swedes like it the same way as Americans?  * 12
17 norling 12,354 3.Aug.2009
By: norling
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Finding the ingredients to bake a cake
What names to look for in the local store
7 Akhilesh 7,142 24.Jul.2009
By: Puffin
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Websites for Swedish recipes
Recommended weblinks  * 12
16 Roger O. T… 6,920 15.Jul.2009
By: Miss Kitte…
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Good, simple Swedish home cooking
Recipe suggestions for an inexperienced cook
1 ziabach 3,854 15.Jul.2009
By: Johno
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The Picking and Plucking Thread
Gathering food from the wild
7 DidiE 3,258 26.Jun.2009
By: Inletwatch…
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Baking ingredient translations
Swedish/English names for flours, sugars, etc.
11 Claudster 31,953 9.Jun.2009
By: ShaneW
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"Three P" Soup
A recipe for a Monday
1 Markbase w… 2,722 11.May.2009
By: Inletwatch…
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Awesome baking or dishes from your home country
Recipes for food usually unavailable in Sweden
3 wellygirl 3,935 25.Apr.2009
By: Puffin
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Pita bread recipes
This one is great
5 roch 5,607 24.Apr.2009
By: Kind Man
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Get your lips around this soup
Cock Soup on sale at ASDA in the UK
1 Rubbi 2,235 22.Apr.2009
By: Markbase w…
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Cinnamon cake recipes
Share your best ones
3 jen1979 4,586 15.Apr.2009
By: roch
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By: Roger O. T…
No New Posts 1 fanihelvet… 2,466 6.Dec.2007
By: Mzungu In …
No New Posts 39 *Guest* 10,851 2.Aug.2007
By: Puffin
No New Posts 25 Alfredo 6,318 12.Apr.2007
By: B.b
No New Posts 64 *Guest* 16,685 5.Nov.2006
By: *Guest*
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