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No New Posts 0 *Guest* 2,163 6.Jan.2020
By: *Guest*
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Complaint about a bank's service
Didnt allow to send money overseas
6 silva 2,673 3.Jan.2020
By: skogsbo
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Financial year report of a company
how to get a company's annual reports
2 silva 2,021 16.Dec.2019
By: silva
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Help with Sweden Taxes (Stockholm)
Cant understand sweden taxes
4 aliciasoh 5,394 15.Nov.2019
By: Anders
No New Posts 3 *Guest* 6,565 10.Oct.2019
By: skogsbo
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Housing loan interest rates in Sweden
How to hangle non-transparent system?
3 Vladden 4,173 6.Oct.2019
By: gterreni
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Is there a bank that operates in Sweden and UK?
Handelsbanken tells me they don't do that
1 *Guest* 2,907 20.Sep.2019
By: Essingen55
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How can you get a loan for buying a land (tomt)?
Buying a land in Sweden. Loan terms.
0 andr833 3,187 14.Sep.2019
By: andr833
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Selling my summer house
Realestate agent charge
0 silva 2,374 11.Sep.2019
By: silva
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USD and EUR accounts
Banks with foreign currency
1 *Guest* 4,717 7.Sep.2019
By: softwarema…
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Crypto tax expert?
Declare tax on crypto in Sweden
3 immutablek… 7,873 28.Jul.2019
By: *Guest*
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Investment loan secured by apartment
Is this doable in Sweden?
1 RAFS 4,231 23.Jul.2019
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Rental income from non-EU state
Does it need to be declared if under 40.000kr?
0 ironman198… 3,481 22.Jul.2019
By: ironman198…
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Earning in UK living in se
Moving to sweden for 2 years or less
2 *Guest* 4,467 28.Jun.2019
By: yet anothe…
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Share options earned not in Sweden
before becoming Swedish tax resident
2 *Guest* 4,066 4.Jun.2019
No New Posts
183 day rule
tax query
6 barrytyler… 18,706 31.May.2019
By: Hanna Deni…
No New Posts 6 barrytyler… 5,592 28.Apr.2019
By: Essingen55
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How does having 2 part time jobs & taxation works?
Are the salaries taxed combined or separately?
2 maka1363 5,279 12.Apr.2019
By: maka1363
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Place to rent?
Southern Sweden
1 Runesmith 3,966 7.Apr.2019
By: Uncle Fred
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Buying a house in Sweden
UK and Swedish systems don't work together?
6 Runesmith 5,927 24.Mar.2019
By: Bsmith
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Tax withheld from foreign dividends
Where to declare this on Swedish tax declaration?
0 RAFS 4,064 24.Mar.2019
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Monthly bills for rental apartment
Moving to Sweden, curious about monthly apt. bills
2 jalison 5,330 8.Mar.2019
By: jalison
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Mortgage loan deposit
Borrowing deposit for the apartment
4 chewie 5,040 6.Mar.2019
By: chewie
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paying tax/VAT for abroad purchase?
need information about paying moms for purchase
8 lega911 14,618 16.Feb.2019
By: yet anothe…
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Housing loan on work permit
Danske Bank rejection
6 gsurya 5,912 19.Jan.2019
By: Uncle Fred
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UK national insurance contributions
Anyone UK citizen living in Sweden still paying?
3 Billy_UK 5,791 8.Jan.2019
By: Mpf
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Sbab bank savings acc
How safe is it
2 HiSweden 4,897 30.Nov.2018
By: HiSweden
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Taking dividends from a Swedish company
Better to pay direct or via parent company?
5 MisterDuck 5,730 29.Nov.2018
By: sandon
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Old debt to Swedish companies
Kronofogden, credit record etc etc
5 boggerboy 9,293 28.Oct.2018
By: *Guest*
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Money transfer from US to SE
Freelance earnings
3 kempyyyy 3,476 18.Oct.2018
By: kempyyyy
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