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life in Borlänge

also Ludvika and Falun

post 21.Nov.2015, 09:45 PM
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Hi all,

I'm considering a job in the area of Ludvika / Borl?nge / Falun, and am looking for some information about these places.
Whereas I know Norway quite a bit, I know almost nothing about Sweden. I'm not too bad at learning languages, and if I like my life there, I'll surely learn Swedish very fast. Therefore my questions are asked in the mindset of having a level of Swedish that is "quite okay" level (meaning possible to understand most, but able speak using basic vocabulary).

How is life in Borl?nge and Falun ? Are these cities quite dynamic (compared to say, Trondheim) with lots of possible activities ? Is it a nice hiking area in summer times ? What's the proportion of young people there (20-30) ? Is it possible to take up activities with a group of Swedes (that's what I did in Norway)? Would people in the 20-30 age group be welcoming and "patient" to someone who doesn't speak the language all too good at the beginning and is new ?

Sorry for asking without a doubt very basic questions that may seem straightforward.
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yet another brit
post 23.Nov.2015, 11:38 AM
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Borl?nge is large by rural Swedish standards. It has an at least partially deserved reputation for being a bit rough and full of rednecks, like other places that used to have heavy industry. Plenty of younger folk live there. Falun is Borl?nges better behaved and more upmarket neighbour, at least in its own estimation. People who live in Falun consider themselves a cut above the plebs in Borl?nge.

Personally I've never fallen for the "Dalarna as the heart of the Swedish idyll" bit, but if you want to sample it, then Borl?nge/Falun is pretty close to the epicentre. Nice outdoors with reasonable skiiing/hiking on the doorstep and good skiing/hiking an hour or two away.

At the slightest temptation, the place fills with madmen wearing breeches and playing accordions. And as everyone knows, the true definition of a gentleman is "one who knows how to play the accordion, but doesn't".
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