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Korta Vägen vs SAS?

How do they compare?

post 26.Dec.2017, 11:32 PM
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Hey guys!

So I'm finished with SFI and am in Grund now (which in the school I'm in takes a whole year! Is this normal?) I already spent 6 months in SFI, and I don't want to take too much unnecessary time in learning the language.

So I wanted to ask firstly, how long does the Grund/SAS usually take? In average.

Secondly, I heard of this Korta V?gen program that is offered in Folkuniversitet which is a short cut to people who already have University degrees and just want to jump into the job market as soon as possible. My problem with it is that I heard that it only focuses on vocabulary and terms that are required in your field only, which made me fear that THAT is the only thing they focus on. Not much grammar or other language skills. Also, I'm not in a field that really requires or needs special vocabs, I just need normal spoken/written Swedish.

So bottom line, I want to try to finish the language in the quickest way but not finish it with a mediocre level. I want to start work life with a good language base.

Would really appreciate any feedback if anyone of you has gone through or knows anyone who has gone through any of these programs, it would be great if you could share the experiences.

P.S: Sorry if this is a repeated topic, I tried searching for old threads that discuss this but couldn't find any!

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