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Living in Sweden, Working in Denmark

Bank acc., personalnumber, etc..

post 30.Apr.2013, 07:09 PM
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Hi guys!

I am living in Malmö with my girlfriend and found a job in Copenhagen so start on Friday. Due to this I wont be able to get a personalnumber in Sweden, nor a bank acc. Instead I will get all this in Denmark. I wonder how everything works, I mean paying taxes in Denmark and living in Sweden, the bank will ask me for a term address? if so, what will happen when I give my Swedish one? I also want to learn Swedish and thought about the SFI, but they ask me for a personal number, and I will get a Danish so I dont think I will be able, do you know anything else?:S:S:S

Thanks in advance!
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post 30.Apr.2013, 07:36 PM
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Your questions are not very specific - have you seen the page below? After you have read it, let us know if you have some concrete questions - the Swedish tax department does a fairly good job at answering the usual cases:

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post 1.May.2013, 01:18 PM
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QUOTE (mariotti @ 30.Apr.2013, 07:09 PM) *
Due to this I wont be able to get a personalnumber in Sweden, nor a bank acc.

That is just your opinion, have you actually tried?

The personal number is for population register purposes, which means if you are to be resident for 12+ months, just because you work in Denmark shouldn't stop you obtaining a personal number. Banks view each customer as they come, talk to a bank, there are many people in Sweden that do cross-border communting to work, they don't have any issue with this.

The biggest difference potentially comes with Social Welfare, a-kassa, Healthcare etc... Since the norm is that if you are paying taxes in 1 member state but living in another, then you are covered by the social welfare insurance of the member state where you pay the taxes. However, certain things are resident based, regardless of where you pay taxes.

SFI is resident based, nothing to do with taxes, so if you are a resident of Sweden you are entitled to join the SFI course in the Kommun where you are in the population register.
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