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Preparatory hearing always postponed

postponed hearing medical leave

post 15.Oct.2020, 09:17 PM
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I had issue with a renter who stole my deposits, belongings and rent.
It is worth 28000 SEK plus 9000 sek for hotel cost.
With the lawyer fees we are a little over 90 000 SEK now.

Basically she changed the lock while I was on holidays.
Now I am suing her since 1 year soon.

The problem is that this old woman kept faking being ill (she does have asthma), why I am telling it, is because we shared the appartment with her and another tenant. So I do know how she was behaving and that her illness is not serious enough to postpone a virtual meeting at the court.

After having postponed the preparatory three times with medical leaves, the court decided to not postponed the case anymore. One day before the preparatory hearing, having confirmed that it will not be postponed and preparing the meeting. We are receiving a mail at 5pm saying the case is finally postponed due to medical reason.
It seems she suceeded to get another medical note, but stating some mental illness.
She is old and not working anymore so she can afford to stay at home with those medical notes.

Is there any options ? It does seems she can indefinitely postponed with medical certificate.

Otherwise can I do think going public about my case as it seems only social justice make a case faster those days...

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