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Questions about relocating to Sweden

HELP! This is my first time

post 10.Nov.2019, 01:23 PM
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I'm a 25 year old software developer and I will be relocating to Sweden, Stockholm soon. I have lots of questions and I can't seem to find the answers anywhere! Even if I do, multiple websites are giving me different information. Here are my questions:

Regarding visas:
1. I am planning to bring my partner over. We have been together for 4 years in the same country but we do not live together. We are not married/ cohabiting in the same place/ do not have a joint bank account. How do I bring my partner along? What will she be considered as?
2. How long is full application + processing time for work visa for a software developer and my partner?
3. Will I need to apply a dependent visa for my partner? or will my employer do it for me?

Regarding my work contract:
1. My employer has told me that they will not be contributing to pension/ life insurance/ healthcare insurance. I have read online that those are required and compulsory? Is it true?
2. I read online that employees in Sweden should be giving at least 5 weeks of annual leave. I am getting only 25 days. Is this okay?

Regarding Taxes:
1. How much will I be taxed if I earn 48000 SEK/ month. Is there tax relief? I read online that for the first 3 years, I get to have a tax relief of 25%.
2. If i do have a tax relief, must I apply for it separately from my working visa?
3. What are the things that are tax deductable? I read online that travelling to and fro work is tax deductable. Are there any other things that can be deducted?

Regarding life in Stockholm:
2. I read online that healthcare in Stockholm is subsidised? So does that mean if let say my partner or I happen to fall sick, and we visit a doctor, we pay roughly about 100sek per visit?
3. Must I get healthcare insurance in Stockholm?
4. What are the general working hours in Stockholm? My contract states 10am-5pm
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post 10.Nov.2019, 07:22 PM
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QUOTE (aliciasoh @ 10.Nov.2019, 02:23 PM) *
Hi,I'm a 25 year old software developer and I will be relocating to Sweden, Stockholm soon. I have lots of questions and I can't seem to find the answers anywhere! ... (show full quote)

1. It depends if you are classed as an employee or if they are paying you as a contractor. If the latter then they pay your company and you pay yourself.
2. My maths suggest that 25 days is 5 weeks. Add to that national holidays too, which if they fall on your day off you don't get compensated for.

1. It depends where you live. Each council has a different rate and each area within a town does too. But you will be over the 40% threshold on the salary you quoted.

The rest of your questions you can take up with an accountant.

2. Healthcare is only subsidised if the patient pays tax. A visit to the doctor is different depending on the type and if they are a specialist. But it can be about 150kr per visit.
3. Depends if you pay your tax here or not. It also depends where you are from.
4. Your work hours seem unusual in both working hours and length. Most places who work a standard day work 8-5, the lunch hour isn't paid for in Sweden.

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