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The Local _ Visas _ Switch from student to sambo

Posted by: Guest 31.Aug.2020, 05:32 PM

Hi everyone!
I'm currently a student in Sweden, with a valid student residence permit. My boyfriend is Swedish and we're going to move in together soon, (I won't stop studying once we move in together, obviously). So, I'd like to switch my permit to sambo (due to many reasons)
once we have lived together for a short while.
However, I emailed migrationsverket about this process and I got a very mixed and unclear answer. They told me "only in exceptional cases" do they allow me to apply, but also, that it's possible to apply so long as I'm in Sweden with a valid residence permit (be it studies, work, etc.) So, I'm quite confused. Are they telling me I'll get rejected if it isn't a very urgent/exceptional case? If so, what's the point of making it possible for anyone with a valid permit to apply?
We meet all the maintenance requirements, so that isn't a problem. I'm quite worried now and unsure of what to do and how to proceed. Has anyone successfully switched from student/work/etc to sambo? If so, please walk me through it?

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