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The Local _ Gothenburg _ Urgently looking for help with job search

Posted by: Guest 5.Jul.2016, 02:29 PM


I am 27, British, I am trying to move to sweden to be a part of Swedish society, I have a personal number, bank account and a phone number (connected to my Skype).
I really really want to work in Sweden again. Ive been on job seekers for a while and I won't have access to benefit while in Sweden.
In Scotland I've been working as a bike tour guide and as a bike messenger; I'm not able to ride just now but am knowledgeable about riding and bike maintenance.
I need a job while I perfect my Swedish. Is anyone in the expat community hiring?
I am in gbg July 26th.

Posted by: Hisingen 6.Jul.2016, 01:40 PM

To be honest, with only your flight booked and nothing else, you are truly putting the cart before the horse. I, for one, am unable to assist, and I rather doubt that there will be very few who can, especially on here.

Posted by: Bsmith 6.Jul.2016, 02:21 PM

Why are you unable to ride? Do you have some type of injury that will prevent you from doing manual labor? To be honest, until you learn Swedish, that may be all that is available to you.

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