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Foreign grades to Swedish merits

Which website do I use to calculate my grades?

post 20.Apr.2020, 10:34 AM
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I am an international student who applied in the 2nd round (I applied in the first round as well, but my transcript was sent late by my school, thus I applied for the 2nd round).

My grading system in high school is 1-7. (1 being the lowest, 7 being the highest and best).

I found that there are two different websites you can use to calculate the foreign grades, but I cannot tell if I am doing it correctly.

There is this 1st website I found:

When I use the 1st website, my merits is higher by .5 than the one in the 2nd website.

2nd website:

btw: 2nd website is connected to this link:

Note: I also added the merit compensation points as well after I calculated my grades.

So my question is, which website is more reliable and how did you guys calculate your foreign grades to the Swedish merits?
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post 21.Apr.2020, 03:16 PM
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Calculation of merit rating is very complicated. In my case, i dont know how the admission counts me to 14,33/20
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post 21.Apr.2020, 04:14 PM
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QUOTE (curiousb @ 20.Apr.2020, 11:34 AM) *
how did you guys calculate your foreign grades to the Swedish merits?

Don't you just send in your papers and get them to calculate it?
Have you tried looking for answers here? (I am too lazy to look for you)
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