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Sweden Law about displaying others person names

Social media name

post 11.Apr.2020, 07:40 AM
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Hi everyone,

Recently I posted a lot of topic to get help from a swedish "landlord" (She is not owning but renting though). She is someone who consider herself as part of the high society and who tells she has root to the Royal family.

It seems the police didn't want to be involved even though I showed the video footage of stealing in my private room, and they didn't even wanted to hear the audio recording of her threatening me to kick me out with the help of people. (Mostly because the case was not serious enough for my side)

She even tried to frame me by callings the cops that I was hitting her (bc I told her I was calling the cops, and that is on footage!)

Well as of now, I have been kicked out while I was on holidays and I am now suiing her.

She stole approximately 30000sek.

I am now wondering if it is ok to share the story with her name on social media with my proof (of course censored). Or after the case is settled if I lose (will never happened probably as I have the contract and proof) or if she makes it impossible to recover my money while living in a 150sqm appartment.

Moreover she harassed me constantly while living there and even dare to threaten me to go to kronofondgen if I was no paying the rent after she changed the lock. (Moreover she was already renting my room to another foreogner whose I get a copy of contract) (and the others foreigner was also harassed and left while losing approximately the same amount)

Is there any rules about it? As I will only tell the truths with proofs and to warm people to never rent from her.

Thank you.

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