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The Local _ Elsewhere _ Uppsala - Italian Cabinetmaker search partnership

Posted by: Guest 9.Feb.2014, 11:53 AM

Hi Guys,
I'm new in this forum so i would like to introduce name is Mauro,i'm 28 years old,and i'm an italian Cabinetmaker here in Sweden since 4 years.
About me,i did 5 years apprenticeship in a small shop in my hometown in Italy,and after i moved here to Sweden for improve my skills,i entered in a school in north of Sweden specialised in classic swedish reproduction furniture(rococo,gustaviansk) where i learned woodturning marquetry and basic woodcarving. I got my diploma after 2 years,after that i worked a little around sweden,as furnituremaker and as doors and windows restorer and maker,i also attended a course in Timber framing in Stockholm the last summer,and now i'm attending one year of traslojd course near Sandviken. The next year i will do my last year of education in south Sweden,in Tibro, where i get accepted in a school for woodcarvers;after that i was thinking to open my workshop around Uppsala and i would like to know if there is an experienced carpenter or joiner, specially someone from UK Canada USA or Scandinavia,that can find interesting the idea of starting a small woodworking shop together,sharing costs and income of course!for me craftsmanship and quality is really important so i would like to meet someone that is really dedicated to this work and that wants to create a business in a serious way. i can speak swedish and english without big problems so if you want you can just reply to me on this forum and we can exchange words and pictures of ours previous works;it will be quite long time before we can really start a business(my school will end in june 2015) but a little talk and planning it is not that bad,just for sharing ideas.
i hope i didn't make huge grammatical errors..!have a nice day guys!


Posted by: skogsbo 9.Feb.2014, 05:00 PM

I live too far off to be a potential partner and have plenty work already, but I do have a little experience in your field, but perhaps not to your standard.
I leave near lammhult and know a few folk within the furniture design and construction industry there, as well as doing my own work.
I would look for someone with some different skills to bring to the party, not another you. An up and coming designer who want to make fun and interesting things out of wood, but doesn't have the skills etc.. there are many simple wooden items selling for crazy prices in shops like svennsons etc..
Or, an antiques trader who might want to team up where you buy, restore then sell on..
Potentially you could do both and have time to do creative stuff you enjoy in between their paid work, try not to typecast your business or skills.
I've made money restoring 70s stuff, anything is possible !

Posted by: Guest 9.Feb.2014, 08:56 PM

Hi skogsbo,
thank you for your reply and your tips,i'm actually searching someone with skills different from mine,i for example don't have a big experience in stair building and small construction building (byggnadsnickeri) and i would really like learn from someone with a big experience in these fields as well as working together,but i absolutely get your point:.!

Posted by: skogsbo 10.Feb.2014, 07:37 AM

wood building work; there will be more of it in rural parts on the older houses and that's where you'll find all the small businesses. There aren't many big companies doing wood related work on older houses, generally they are smaller set ups, 2 or 3 man shows. If you live centrally getting to know these guys will be a little tougher. Certainly round our way there is no shortage of work for them, be it internal stuff, large repairs, window renovation or big barn repairs.. You might just need to go for a drive and track them down visually, or if you know of or find some small local sawmills ask there, as they'll probably know who is getting the wood cut locally for what, that and the rural independent timber merchants / building supplies. Many builders will have enough work through word of mouth, so you can't rely on adverts in local newspapers to find them etc.

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