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Posted by: Guest 1.Feb.2016, 12:34 PM

Hello All,

Can someone suggest me If we can travel to any holiday destination in Europe from Stockholm with a minimal budget? Budget would be around 1000 SEK (All inclusive Travel + Accomodation).

Thanks in Advance

Posted by: Guest 1.Feb.2016, 02:57 PM

Even i wanted to know the same, Please let me know if you get any info on which is the right place to visit with this budget for 2 days..

Posted by: Model T Ford 1.Feb.2016, 04:00 PM

The simple answer is that there is no such itinerary, and list of places to stay on this budget. smile.gif

Posted by: yet another brit 30.Jan.2017, 07:21 PM

Maybe you could (just) do it by taking Ryanair to somewhere really cheap (say, a town in Poland) and then staying in a hostel.

You can also - especially if you look out for special offers - take a ferry over the Baltic, if you play it right the actual trip can be close to free. But then you are on a ferry with lots of people having a good time that you can't afford to join.

Holidays are crap when you have to penny-pinch every step. Save your money until you can buy a cheap/last-minute package holiday in the sun (and fill your bag with cheap food that you can cook in a holiday room).

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