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Mystery Scenery with fells

Where is this?

post 16.Feb.2018, 11:31 AM
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Dear "local" friends,
Here is a old scenery from Sweden. The question is "where is this"?
It seems to have fells on the background, peculiar shaped houses and a boathouse?


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yet another brit
post 17.Feb.2018, 11:33 AM
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Well, I can think of places that it *could* be; for example that *could* be a view north up the V?stra Dal?ven, somewhere in the valley between Malung and S?len. There are plenty of views very reminiscent of this along the river. I don't recognise it specifically.

The houses and landscape wouldn't be at all weird for the location or period (about 100-120 years ago at a guess?).

The problem is that it could also be, well, anywhere really.
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post 17.Feb.2018, 10:16 PM
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So is that an old painting? Looks beautiful.

Hopefully, if you find the place, it won't have a Max hamburger stand on the shore.
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