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Can you say this in swedish?

Vad har du gjot/vad gjorde du, ikapp, vad/det

post 19.Apr.2017, 09:22 PM
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If you want to ask someone if he/she has caught up with his/hr schoolwork:
can you say:
''?r du ikapp?''
''?r/ligger du i fas?''

Another thing:

When do you use vad and when det in these type of sentences:

Har du l?st vad/det jag har skrivit?
Det ?r s?kre b?ttre ?n vad/det jag har skrivit.

Another thing I've been wondering about is that a lot of swedes say ''Vad har du gjort i helgen?'' if they ask about your weekend on a monday or tuesday or another day even though the weekend has already passed. Aren't you supposed to say ''vad gjorde du i helgen? and only say ''vad har du gjort i helgen'' when it's still the weekend(so on saturday or sunday) ?

Thanks in advance!
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