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Can my bank accounts be shutdown?

By any Swedish authrities

post 18.Sep.2013, 10:48 AM
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Hi Guys,

The main question is can my bank accounts be shutdown by any swedish authorities for any reason?
I have been living and working in sweden for the past 3 years (Im not european), Lateley Migrationsverket refused to renew my permit and been notified to leave the country witch Im gonna do, I also have a loan here and intending to continue pay it, so if my Personummer is shutdown by the authorities (skatteverket or anyone) can that somehow affect my bank accounts and the money left in it ?

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post 18.Sep.2013, 11:20 AM
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When you are leaving the country you should inform Skatteverket of your destination details/address. They will then just mark you as non-resident in the population register. If the bank does not get an update from skatteverket of your new address, just tell the bank yourself what it is. That's all.

Personal numbers are not shutdown as-such just because you are not resident.
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