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Hope this helps somebody

post 19.Jul.2016, 02:49 PM
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Hey guys,

I just got scammed out of two grand by MMRentOnline advertising an apartment in Sweden. Part of the reason I trusted it was good reviews on various websites:

Anybody used MMRentOnline Apartments ( before? It's quite possible that this was once a legit company, and the webaddress has been taken over.

There are several other websites purporting to give them good reviews (links broken with asterisks to stop Google pushing them further up the rankings).

aashe-ass****** appears to be on a legitimate environmental forum, and indeed links to that forum, but this is a sham page.

There is a https://www.scam**** link that says that this business is legitimate, but this is a sham page (try searching for anything else)**** Appears to be a Q and A about the legitimacy of MMRentOnline - this is a sham page (try searching for anything else)

http://lostinswede*** Appears to be a real forum, but it is locked (new users must be added by admins... no luck so far...) Few posts.


Copy of the Rental agreement text so that it is searchable on Google :

Dear Renter,

Through this invoice message MMRentOnline Apartments has the pleasure to confirm that your transaction has been started. We confirm that the Landlord is the legal owner of the property and that the rental procedure is done according to the Sweden legislation.
In the content of the invoice message below, you will find transaction information and future payment instructions regarding your transaction with our Company. In order to successfully complete your transaction, you must follow the instructions presented in the content of this invoice message.
Landlord Name and Address

Renter Name and Address

Property Address
Anna Jonsson
Istidsgatan 53, lgh 1704
906 55, Ume?

Sweden Istidsgatan 53, lgh 1704
906 55, Ume?

Step 1: Deposit payment requested to be sent.
According to our company policy, the buyer should transfer the deposit payment to our company's Bank Account in the next 48 hours. The renter should send SEK 21,330.00 (representing 2 months rent value + 1 month security deposit value) to MMRentOnline Apartments company's Bank Account.

Account Holder Name (Assigned Agent) Dennis Grob
Bank Name Postbank
Bank Address Dorfstr19, 37697, Lauenforde, Germany
Bank Identifier Code - BIC / SWIFT PBNKDEFF
Bank Sort Code -
Bank Account Number -
International Bank Account Number - IBAN DE22 1001 0010 0974 1791 10

Note* The money are sent to MMRentOnline Apartments Bank Account and LOCKED until the transaction is completed. ( Until the envelope is delivered and the 10 days inspection period expires ). The funds will be transferred to the Landlord only after we receive the approval from the Renter.

Step 2: Payment confirmation requested.
According to our company policy, after the payment is sent according to our instructions, you must contact us, by simply reply to this message, with the scanned copy of the document that certifies the wire transfer has been completed according to our instructions.
According to our company Policy, after we will receive the payment confirmation for the deposit payment, the shipment will start and the envelope with the keys/contract will be in transit in maximum 24 hours. A separate message will be sent to you after we will receive the confirmation of payment from you. The message will contain future transaction details and also future shipment information.

The shipping of the keys/contract is scheduled to be started within the next 48 hours.
The Renter is required to confirm the payment within the next 24 hours to our Company Bank Account from above According to our Company Transaction Terms. Using other payment information beside the information shown above will void and cancel this Transaction.

Transaction started through our Third Party Agency
Estimated Time of Delivery ( ETD ): 5 Business Days Upon Payment Confirmation.

Thank you,
MMRentOnline Apartments Financial Department!
Website address: MMRentOnline Apartments - Flats & Houses for rent | Discover Rental Properties
Market Sector: Escrow Agency, Real Estate Agency
This is a System Invoice message generated in compliance with MMRentOnline Apartments for Tenancy Transaction ID #543872902


Search terms for Google to pick up:

MM Rent Online Apartments
MMRent Online Apartments
MMRentOnline Apartments
[email protected]

I have also posted this over at

Hope this helps somebody!
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post 25.Jul.2016, 12:06 AM
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Someone named Anna Lidh contacted me for an apartment in Umea - Sweden. She first gave me a link to by MMRentOnline for seeing some pictures of the apartment. When i told her that this link is not working she then sent me an other link from MM Perfect Rentals and then she asked me do the same steps that they asked you to do with money. I sent them nothing because (lucky me!) i show your reviw here. Also, when i visited the link that she sent to me ( i found out that in the same address and in the same apartment number already lives someone else.

So...thank you for your review here. You saved us! Please visit the link above and tell me if they sent you the same pictures from the same apartment.

Thank you again with all my heart!
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post 25.Jul.2016, 06:05 PM
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Yup, same advert I saw!
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post 25.Jul.2016, 06:20 PM
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And they've updated their old fake websites ( ) with the new rebranding:
Attached Image
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post 25.Jul.2016, 09:14 PM
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Don't worry Maribor74 you'll be scammed next time. We are watching you, so don't worry about it.

cmw0 THANK YOU FOR YOUR MONEY!!! Can you please send other 20000 kr?
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post 26.Jul.2016, 09:59 AM
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Must say they're pretty good at creating a fake profile of a "reputable" company. I was confused last time I check on them (luckily it's just for "check")

The most obvious fake thing is about price. There is no freaking way a 80+ m2 apartment in center of Stockholm city is 6000SEK/month, everything included, even cleaning! You can only get that price if you get a first hand contract rental with the kommun (not the building itself) (if you have been in the queue for 20 years or so), and that does not include electricity and such.

That ridiculous price, however, is a very good way to lure "easy to trick" people. Cautious people will do a check and see that a clearly a scam, but some might be tricked and eager to jump in. I know a woman lost 28000SEK for 4 months "deposit" for this kind of scam.

It's sad that they are still scamming people. But they succeed because of a reason.
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post 26.Jul.2016, 12:19 PM
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I'm based in somewhere much smaller than Stockholm, so it was more expensive than other apartments we have looked at. The rent seemed reasonable.

Irritatingly, we were a bit suspicious at first, and actually checked in the coding of the emails to see that the emails/replies were actually going to MM, rather than generated by another party and being routed off somewhere else. We didn't realise that MM was a scam company, nor did the Swedes we lived with.

I've dealt with quite a few rental companies that seem a bit fishy on the surface, and turn out to be fine. We just got unlucky this time.
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post 26.Jul.2016, 01:55 PM
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I found this forum, that appears to talk about MM Rent Online Apartments / MM Perfect Rentals under a different name:

These appear to be the same guys (, now taken down) :
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post 26.Jul.2016, 04:27 PM
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Are you threating me? Are you? Do you know something about cybercrime and international lows about cybercrime? Do you know that already all your fake net adresses and names are under the consideration of the police? If you are watching me, I am watching you too from a police department.
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post 26.Jul.2016, 05:18 PM
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Turns out MMPerfectRentals are also called Magic Rentals
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post 9.Aug.2016, 09:24 AM
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Friend just sent me this. Turns out that apartment is also in Romania!
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post 9.Aug.2016, 09:29 AM
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Naughty MM strikes again

Mars Europe Rentals

European Rentals Apartments

MMRenting Yard
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post 10.Sep.2016, 06:16 PM
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Hello everyone,

I am Ashley one of the directors of Magic Rentals in London. We ONLY operate apartments in London and previously in Spain. We have never had any operations in Sweden and have no intention to operate there.

As is all too common now on the internet, scammers copy our site, make a few name changes and try to trick people into wire transferring money for non existent properties. All sites are hosted in non-EU destinations making site take-downs slow.

NEVER pay by bank transfer always by credit card, and please please report fake sites to your local police and any newspapers or websites that hosted fake adverts for these sites. With everybody's careful attention and common sense, we can help reduce this menace.

Best wishes, Ashley, Director Magic Rentals
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post 6.Feb.2020, 01:15 PM
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just wanted to say few years later and this is happening again. Few days ago someone just tried to fool me into renting me his apartment. Thank you for my naturally suspicious mind and for the internet.. and to all of those who posted here!! They are still trying to scam people!!
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