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The Local _ Language _ French/Swedish Language Exchange Tandem Wanted

Posted by: patrice40 10.Jul.2017, 03:21 PM


I'm a newcomer in Stockholm and I wish I could speak some basic Swedish

- Understand usual interactions and questions
- Ask basic things
- Decrypt websites posters and other notices

I am 40y. old Bamil?k? Frenchman born in Lyon, my Germanic language background is:

- 1st year of undergraduates study in English literature, civilisation, Dutch & linguistic
- Worked 2 years in Amsterdam, learned German for 8 years in school and worked in Germany 2 years.

My main interests are: ruby, python programming languages, triathlon, modern physics, soul/jazz music,wild camping and "bio-cooking"

NB: Alternatively I am also interested by piano lessons in exchange of French lessons or money.

Thanks for your attention


Posted by: ChocOwl 11.Jul.2017, 11:31 AM

Hi there
You might find some interest groups on where you can find likeminded people.
Not sure where to get a tandem language partner apart from putting up notices on noticeboards etc.
There are many "spr?kcaf?" (=language cafe) initiatives, some run by municipalities/libraries, or the Red Cross or organisations like Studief?rbundet vuxenskolan. These are a meeting place for people who want to learn/practice Swedish (or sometimes for other languages). Often held a specific times for different language levels. Ask at your local municipality.
Unfortunately it may be difficult to get information in July - many are out of town (physically and/or mentally) during the summer.

Posted by: patrice40 11.Jul.2017, 04:01 PM

oh yeah i've signed up already but i felt like:

i kind of need privileged face-to-face interactions typically with a tandem partner.

i always have a couple of tricky questions such as for instance about the pronunciation or the differences between the way idioms are structured

it's also important to me help my partner to truly improve his/her skills and get the feeling of a 50/50 deal.
in this view i tend to record, transcript and correct.

beyond improving some so called teaching skills, sounds like i assimilate more deeply the targeted language.
as well new further questions and conversation topics quickly and more naturally arise.

Thanks ChocOwl.

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