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The Local _ Visas _ Asylum After Studies

Posted by: rbarzano8 31.Dec.2020, 09:27 PM

** Asking for a friend**


I don't have much knowledge in this regard but a piece of information would be nice.
My friend had a rejection for studies extension permit and he applied asylum afterwards so he can gain some time to finish his studies. Now he is a bit worried about what happens if his asylum application get rejected and leaves the country voluntarily. Once he gets back to his home country, would he be able apply for any other visa in future; for instance if he gets a phd in sweden or any other country around the world?. would it be a problem when he applies for a visa?

It would be great to have a constructive replies on the matter. Thanks.

Posted by: Case officer 1.Jan.2021, 11:52 PM

A residence permit for studies is issued to somebody that for a short time intends to study in Sweden. Such an application can be rejected if there are probable cause to believe that the applicant will not leave Sweden and go home when the studies are finished. It is very likely that somebody who has applied for asylum do not intend to go back home.

Posted by: rbarzano8 2.Jan.2021, 02:10 AM

Yes, to my smallest of knowledge I know that study permits are very much like a guest visa as a student and is for temporary cause. But, As far as Asylum is concerned, it 95% shows that the applicant doesn't want to go back to his country. But also, it does not mean you will necessary get a residence permit if you apply for asylum. You can get rejected as well since it is possible.
My question is if what he gets rejected his asylum, moves back to his country voluntarily and apply again for any other visa (tourist, phd etc), say after two years.. would that be a problem?

Thanks case officer smile.gif)

Posted by: rbarzano8 2.Jan.2021, 02:12 AM

Btw, the grounds on he was rejected his extension was finance. He was not able to show sufficient funds and have not completed his studies yet. He hired a lawyer for his appeal but also got rejected. ...

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