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The Local _ Götaland _ English speaking software developer

Posted by: ibuild_stuff 8.Sep.2015, 07:04 AM

I'm 27 years old with 5+ years of programming experience with SQL, Java, C#, .Net, and front-end technologies.

I would very much like to work in Link

Posted by: fecomas 27.Sep.2015, 08:51 AM

I am in a similar situation. I am 28, with 4+ years in DotNet technologies. I am planning to move to Sweden and my preference is to search in Stockholm or Gothemburg.

I am Spanish and live in Abu Dhabi. My Swedish is still very weak. I plan to relocate in mid December. Does anyone think it is worth visiting Sweden some days in October to help with the job search, or it would not do any big difference considering I wouldn't start until 2 months later?

Posted by: delta76 29.Sep.2015, 09:56 AM

I must say it will be very hard for you to find a job remotely.
Unless you have exceptional skills, or skills they despately need, then your chance is very small. This applies everywhere. And it's more true in Sweden with Swedish smile.gif.

But when you actually in Sweden, the tide is about to change. I've got much more invites since I moved here. The key is you presence.

Posted by: gse1986 14.Oct.2015, 03:48 PM

It'd be interesting to know how you get on.

I'm in a similar situation, will be moving over April time next year to Link

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