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Skatteverket cracking down on criminals

The noose is closing in on them!

post 13.Feb.2021, 11:06 AM
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Listening to P4 news yesterday and I was glad to hear that at last Skatteverket at beginning to look at homes that have multiple occupants.

This is addresses where there seems to be an unusual amount of people living there. So a 2-room apartment with 5 occupants or a house with 5 occupants.

They said the new investigation is for 4 reasons.

1) To cut down on illegal apartment subletting (self-explanatory)
2) Tax evasion (people register elsewhere for lower tax, insurance and so on)
3) Immigration issues (people claiming to live in Sweden when they have left, see below)
4) Fraud (barnbidrag, sjukpenning, bostadsbidrag, socialbidrag, a-kassa, etc.)

In my time here I have known people doing each of the above. It was quite common for people to have a weekend home or summer house and they would register themselves there because the tax and car insurance were cheaper.

People sell their apartments illegally and 'live' there for 3 years while the new person qualifies to take over 1st hand contract.

I've known people move outside the country to work and no tell the authorities. They then come back once a year to keep up the pretence so they can qualify for permanent status or citizenship.

And linked to above, some of the same people do it to keep receiving government money, particularly a-kassa. sick pay and child allowance.

In tough times it seems the government wants to stamp down on this kind of thing.

We can see a lot of information on an address as normal people such as what cars people own, if they have a dog, their tax declaration, etc. but the government sees everything including how many children are registered at an address.

So one of the things they are looking at are dormant people, or people who don't have low levels of income. While they do not have the right to look into our bank accounts they can see how many accounts we have, the tax we pay and at two intervals they get a 'snapshot' of how much money is in the accounts. This is what makes up the tax declaration which includes shares, debts and so on.

As Glenn Frey sang, the heat is on!
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post 13.Feb.2021, 11:15 AM
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post 13.Feb.2021, 12:10 PM
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post 13.Feb.2021, 12:12 PM
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QUOTE (Yortis @ 13.Feb.2021, 12:10 PM) *
I agree with you.. I mean, live and let live.

If there was one thing that used to epitomise Englishness,it was the principle of living by the concept of live and let live.
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Gamla Hälsingebock
post 13.Feb.2021, 05:11 PM
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"Englishness,it was the principle of living by the concept of live and let live."

And then they "colonized" the world!!! laugh.gif
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post 14.Feb.2021, 06:15 PM
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QUOTE (Gamla H?lsingebock @ 13.Feb.2021, 06:11 PM) *
"Englishness,it was the principle of living by the concept of live and let live.". And then they "colonized" the world!!! laugh.gif

Ya, Gamla's right in there even though he's never lived in Sweden. Yeehaw, right to the end.

Long live the lies of Trumbples; you deserve nothing better! Lol!
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