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The Local _ Newcomers _ Understanding the migration process

Posted by: risky 29.Apr.2013, 07:20 AM

Based on the guide, I was hoping some people could confirm some things:

1. I have my residence permit approved, but elected to give biometric data once I arrive in Sweden (I don't need a visa for Schengen entry). So I should go to Migrationsverket as soon as I arrive, and a few weeks later I will receive a.. residence card? ("UT-Kort")? For this I need take only my dossier number and my passport only?

2. Next, I need to register with Skatterverket. Can I do this in parallel while waiting for my UT-Kort, or must I have that first? Some time after this registration, they'll assign me a personnummer - but not yet any "ID card". Much documentation required?

3. Register (in person?) for insurance with Försäkringskassan. I can do this only after I know my personnummer from step 2?

4. Get a resident ID card from Skatterverket. This is different from the resident permit card from step 1. But is there any reason I can't apply for this during step 2? Or does step 3 need to be completed first?

Posted by: Kibiri 29.Apr.2013, 01:02 PM

Have your Swedish address with you (unless you memorized it already). If you are employed, or have your own company, carry relevant documents with you (probably only needed for Försäkringskassan).

2. You can try before getting the UT card, but you are likely to be rejected without it.

3. Yes, get personnummer first.

4. This has nothing to do with step 3 (Försäkringskassan). But probably you need to have your personnummer first. You can read how to get ID card on

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