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The Local _ Swedish news _ Stefan Löfven's bearded children

Posted by: Gjeebes 23.Mar.2016, 10:29 PM

Act 1: common sense
1) ""And we're not talking about a year's margin here. We are positive that these are adults who do not belong in a refugee accommodation for unaccompanied children. We should not house adults living together with children," said Majed Safaee at Sollefte? municipality."

Act 2: bleeding heart idiocy
2) ""Is a feeling sufficient reason for a child to lose its status as unaccompanied?" questions SVT in a preamble to its article. SVT asks whether it is "correct and safe" to take this kind of decision based on a "subjective judgement.""

Act 3: Sweden will do anything to keep up appearances on the "humanitarian" international stage
3) the stupidity will continue for many months to come...

Notes on Act 2: aren't "feelings" (of Swedish self-righteousness) the things that allowed Sweden to create the mess it currently finds itself in?

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