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Recommended car seats in Sweden

Debate on which car seat to buy

post 1.Oct.2018, 08:50 AM
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Hi, we are moving to Sweden in a few months with a baby that will be almost 6 months by then. We are now buying all the baby equipment and are very much debating about the car seat. Do babies actually travel rear facing up to the age of 4 in Sweden? To us it sounds really hard to make a 3-4 year old seat rear facing.
Would it be recommended to buy a seat that is only rear facing up to age of 4 or better to buy one that can turn around after 15 months?
Thank you
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post 11.Oct.2018, 02:28 PM
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Yes, children travel rearfacing to 4 or longer and it works very well. My daughter was in a rearfacing seat until 5 and could probably have used it even longer but at that time her brother was ready to move to a big rearfacing seat and we decided to move her to a booster seat. We plan for her brother to do rearfacing until about 4-5 too.

You should definitely buy a seat that can be used for rearfacing much much longer than 15 months unless you mean that you will buy an infant seat that is big enough to be used to 15 months, that might be a good idea and then buy a rearfacing seat in Sweden.
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post 23.Feb.2019, 03:00 PM
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Not sure where you are moving from, but if from outside the EU, keep in mind that many car seats from the USA are not legal here, and visa-versa.

We've travelled with our EU seats to the US, but if an officer is having a bad day, he could cite you.

I think that one of the differences is that the US seats need to be able to be secured by only a lap belt, whereas the EU ones can have additional supports, but it's been a few years since we had to buy one.

Yes, you can be rear-facing for a long time, but there is some discretion once your kid hits a certain weight/height.
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