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Expected salary at a Major local Car manufacturer

Technical Manager Salary

post 17.Apr.2019, 07:15 PM
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I do not have the salary matrices and union contracts for large international car manufacturers.

Your question indicates that either:
1) You are a troll
2) You do not have the level of intelligence to take up a "Technical Specialist Role kind of manager"
3) Just plain incompetent
4) Only worth the average Gothenburg salary, which is SEK 23,657/month.

And if you do not know how to find out 4) in less than 60 seconds, then you are not a manager and worth less than SEK 23,657/month.

Do your homework!
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yet another brit
post 18.Apr.2019, 08:12 AM
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OP, you seem a bit underprepared...

690 x 168 (standard #hours / month) = 115k, so I suspect that was a loaded rate already, ie, from which employers tax, vacation, company pension, insurances, other benefits etc would be taken before you can see the equivalent of a gross "normal" salary? If so, then roughly halve that to get an "normal" salary, and that would be about right, say 60k. [multipliers for contractors vary from about 1.8-2.3 depending on which business, level, agency, etc].

But if that was the salary you were getting from an agency *after* employers tax etc, then they must love you.
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