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The Local _ Newcomers _ Danish contract offer to get Swedish PN

Posted by: RossMck 4.Feb.2019, 09:31 AM


Planning to move over to Sk?ne in August and im just preparing what?s ahead of me for getting set up etc. To get a Swedish personal number, it say you need an offer from a Swedish company to get one. I?m just wondering how people have got a personal number by working in Copenhagen I.e does a Danish contract offer work the same in Sk?ne to get a Swedish PN. Just to know if I can apply for jobs in Denmark too.

I understand the rest about getting the CPR number etc from Denmark after, when living in Sweden.

I?m an EU citizen.
I know Danes can just apply for a Swedish Personal number as they are from a Nordic country, but what about EU citizens?


Posted by: cootje1976 4.Feb.2019, 10:27 AM

Well I am sorry to burst yer bubble, but EU citizens cannot just apply for a Pesonnummer, even though they should be able to. (free movement and all!).
Now how that is in relation with a Danish contract in CPH, not sure; the best thing you can do is check with the authorities.

2 tips:

Record the call, and ask the name of the person that is assisting you; Sweden is notorious for giving contradicting information, and I do speak out of experience.

Posted by: RossMck 4.Feb.2019, 11:07 AM

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