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Expats in Västra Götaland

Karlstad / Säffle

post 5.Sep.2015, 08:22 PM
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Hi, I've been in V?stra G?taland with my Swedish sambo for 4 months now. I love it here, beautiful country but, bugger me I need some people apart from my sambo's family to socialise with. The plan was to start my own business and after 3 months going through what can only be described as a crystal maze of a process my business is set up and just moved into our new house so, good times ahead!

Any English speaking folks in V?stra G?taland? Bit of a longshot seeing as most people seem to live a days car journey away on here ;-) but thought it might be worth a shot. Karlstad is pretty close to me, or south of that (Not north) or anywhere brushing the west shores of lake V?nern ;-)

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