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Masters of Architecture in Chalmers
Are you satisfied with the school?
1 *Guest* 12,731 27.Feb.2018
By: Billie
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Paying to take SFI D test
without having to go through classes
1 pebbletots 2,286 31.Jan.2018
By: Mib
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How difficult is to pass CS MAJOR
Need some statistics or rough idea
0 *Guest* 1,259 13.Dec.2017
By: *Guest*
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Best Universities in Sweden
Which MSc in Finance to choose
0 ChuckBarto… 1,791 10.Dec.2017
By: ChuckBarto…
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I'm looking for a host family
Study in Sweden and getting a guardi
0 *Guest* 2,310 30.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
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New Bank Account Problem For Residence Permit
Issue because of new bank account...Please help...
2 visa_for_s… 2,580 28.Nov.2017
By: visa_for_s…
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PhD Selection process
Recruitment Automotive Engineering Chalmers
0 *Guest* 1,191 28.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
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PhD Selection Process at Chalmers
PhD, Chalmers, Automotive Engineering
0 *Guest* 2,141 26.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
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How to apply to Swedish universities in 2018
Application, scholarship, residence permit
2 Himejinian 2,430 17.Nov.2017
By: Himejinian
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B.Sc to Masters in Engineering
Bachelor programme
2 *Guest* 1,702 16.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
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Music courses in Sweden
Searching for courses in music theory/performance
2 *Guest* 1,780 9.Nov.2017
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 30 Billybob 26,042 6.Nov.2017
By: Cheeseroll…
No New Posts 8 hesper83 6,977 5.Nov.2017
By: zulash
No New Posts 12 *Guest* 6,116 3.Nov.2017
By: luvswedent…
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Good grades to apply to University?
Do high school grades matter much in Sweden?
3 FiachraHol… 3,865 3.Nov.2017
By: luvswedent…
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Thesis Master MSLS BTH Karlskrona
Writing a thesis with two other people... Help!
0 luvswedent… 1,177 3.Nov.2017
By: luvswedent…
No New Posts 4 Kitteh 4,835 2.Nov.2017
By: flaneur
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Can I upload a new personal letter?
I have uploaded 2 versions I don't like
2 itsmegeorg… 5,169 25.Oct.2017
By: Kondwani
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Applying for universities for study
when i am working in sweden
6 Vinnie 2,195 5.Oct.2017
By: ToSheila
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Help with swedish grading.
British system school Yr 10 to Yr 9 Swedish System
0 *Guest* 2,351 23.Sep.2017
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 2 Dingi 4,487 21.Sep.2017
By: ChocOwl
No New Posts 0 Markolio95 1,263 17.Sep.2017
By: Markolio95
No New Posts 1 *Guest* 1,829 8.Sep.2017
By: Case offic…
No New Posts 0 Andreamk 1,501 7.Sep.2017
By: Andreamk
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Master degree in nursing in Sweden
Getting through the Swedish system
2 *Guest* 2,563 22.Aug.2017
By: *Guest*
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Nursing course at the University
Anyone with an experience or tips
0 *Guest* 1,587 22.Aug.2017
By: *Guest*
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Which Master`s Programm to choose?
Need your piece of advice
0 *Guest* 1,716 14.Aug.2017
By: *Guest*
No New Posts 0 *Guest* 1,782 8.Aug.2017
By: *Guest*
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Studying finance part-time
after getting a masters degree in science
2 good_luck_… 4,819 26.Jul.2017
By: riemann
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Second round of university admissions
No change in results, I'm still in reserve  * 12
23 gregorsams… 21,776 25.Jul.2017
By: Tenwang
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