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Buying Property without Permanent Residency

Guidance needed!

post 13.Jul.2020, 12:10 AM
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I've been living in Sweden since 2017 and have been working full time (and paying taxes =)) for almost 2.5 years now.

I have a Work Residence Permit but not Permanent Residency yet with still at least 2.5+ years to go until I can apply for that.

Are there non-EU foreigners living in Sweden who have purchased property without having Permanent Residency in Sweden with still at least one more work permit extension left to apply for?

For anyone who does not know; Work Permits for non-EU foreigners are granted for maximum 2 years at a time and need to be extended on a rolling basis before the required duration to be eligible to apply for Permanent Residency in Sweden is reached.

In a scenario where as a non-EU Resident in Sweden you have purchased property and do not get a Work Permit extension and are forced to leave Sweden on short notice, what do you do with your property also keeping in mind that there is no guarantee that you may return? With Bostadsr?tt you also need to seek permission from the housing association to rent out your property. With that in mind how long would it take to receive permission keeping in mind that upon rejection of a work permit you have a month or so to leave the country?

Is it risky to purchase property without yet having Permanent Residency in Sweden? I understand that apart from this risk there is nothing that stops me from buying property as I know a few non-EU Residents who have purchased property without yet having Permanent Residency but haven't had a chance to discuss the risks involved in doing that with them.

It would be great if I can get some guidance preferably from someone in the same position as me but also from any non-EU foreigners who have purchased property without yet having Permanent Residency and also from any others. All help is welcome.

Not buying a property means at least another 2.5+ years in property rent which otherwise could help towards paying off a property mortgage if I buy. So in a catch 22 situation here!

Also please cut me some slack if I'm wrong about any information above =)
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Case officer
post 14.Jul.2020, 10:08 PM
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Lots of Indians in the tech business in Stockholm are buying apartments without waiting for permanent residence permit. You'll find them in apartments in Kista or Solna. If the PUT does not materialize, the apartment will probably have to be sold through a real estate broker.
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post 15.Jul.2020, 08:16 AM
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I am an Indian. I bought my apartment in Malmo after just 9 months on work permit, not all banks will give you a loan though. My finances & savings were in good shape though, with a full-time job & good salary, it went through at SEB.

So, go for it, if you think you will stay in Sweden for the foreseeable future. As case officer says, if you quit Sweden, you may have to sell your apartment.
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post 15.Jul.2020, 02:16 PM
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Thank you Case officer & gsurya.

The only concern is that in case one has to leave Sweden and is not able to sell it before leaving and gets help from a real estate broker to sell it, don't they have to be physically present to sign the sale contract?
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post 29.Jul.2020, 01:40 PM
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My boss is having huge issues buying land in Sweden and the main problem being that he can't open up a Swedish bank account since he doesn't live there. Also he can't fly to Sweden to open one up because of COVID-19 and Sweden's lackluster response to the matter. At the moment I am dealing with a few real estate agents who are willing to help but the land price starts at 3.25 million Kronor and up.
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