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Long-term resi­dent status details

Status after 5 years in Sweden

post 21.Dec.2020, 12:50 AM
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As per MVs website, if a person has stayed in Sweden for 5 years and was able to support himself during these years, then that person may be granted a Long term resident status. 1. Is this status different from PR?

2. Can a person with this status apply for citizenship after an year, as one could do with PR?

3. If a person is eligible for both PR and long term residence status then what should be the preference?

4. Is it true that once a person gets long term residence status then he/she gets PR by virtue of it?

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post 1.Jan.2021, 10:26 AM
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post 2.Jan.2021, 08:42 PM
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Thanks Cookie18 for the reply.

I do not have PUT because Migrationverket found that I did not complete 44 months during my 4 years of work permit. Thus I switched to a dependent permit.

I have one more question, I entered in Sweden in February 2016 and on February 2021 I would be completing 5 years. During these 5 years, I was out of Sweden for 6 months with no salary or job in Sweden. Do I qualify for long term resident permit from duration perspective? In a sense I have started living in Sweden for 5 years ago but with a little disconnect of 6 months.

In case any one has experience about long term residence status then please share view about the above query.

Thanks for help.
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Case officer
post 3.Jan.2021, 05:10 PM
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To be granted status as a long-term resident in Sweden you must first of all have PUT. You must also have lived in Sweden for five years. Residence permits for a visit or studies do not count towards the five years. If you have stayed outside of Sweden for at least six months your habitual residence in Sweden has been interrupted and you need to start your five years again from when you is again a resident. Several shorter stays outside Sweden that together is at least 10 months also means that your habitual residence has been interrupted.

From The Migration Agency's handbook (in Swedish only):

Vistelsetid som bosatt i Sverige
En grundl?ggande f?ruts?ttning f?r att beviljas st?llning som varaktigt
bosatt ?r att tredjelandsmedborgaren varit bosatt i Sverige utan avbrott i
fem ?r och vid tiden f?r ans?kan har PUT (5 a kap. 1 ? UtlL). S?kanden
m?ste under hela fem?rsperioden ha haft tillst?nd som syftar till bos?ttning
h?r. Det inneb?r att UT f?r tillf?lliga vistelser eller studier inte kan r?knas
in. Tidsbegr?nsat UT inom ramen f?r uppskjuten invandringspr?vning kan
d?remot ing?.

Vid ber?kning av den fem?riga vistelsetiden ska vistelser utanf?r Sverige,
som varat kortare tid ?n sex m?nader i f?ljd och inte mer ?n tio m?nader
sammanlagt under fem?rsperioden, inte anses vara avbrott i vistelsen (5 a
kap. 1 ? fj?rde stycket UtlL).

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post 5.Jan.2021, 10:08 AM
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Thanks Case officer for the reply. Is it possible to share the link for migrationverket's handbook because as per the law (available at PUT is not a perquisite to get long term residency status.

On the other hand if one has long term residency status he/she gets the PUT by virtue of it (check:

Please suggest.
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