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New ferry Harwich England and Esbjerg Denmark

Ferry is running this summer

post 10.Mar.2015, 02:02 PM
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I have found the answer to my own question in another post. It is really good news that a new company has taken over the route. It will save miles of driving and stress. And they take dogs too. They have special
cabins for people with well behaved dogs. I assume they will take cats too. The travel from the UK to Sweden has been worrying me all winter. I have flown back and forth many times but taking my pet over for the summer has been my greatest concern. The closure of the DFDS has been a great loss to many travellers as well as the people employed in Esbjerg and Harwich. Here's to the success of the Regina Line on this route.
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post 10.Mar.2015, 03:07 PM
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Looks like far from a done deal to me, by looking at the website.
It looks to me like they are just gauging interest as it mentions they want people to email to prove this is a worthwhile investment.
I would love a ferry service, but their website doesn't fill me with hope.

I definitely won't be making a booking before I've seen the maiden voyage - I made that mistake last year with the new Gotland ferry that never actually operated!
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post 10.Mar.2015, 04:27 PM
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A promising start, but clearly, as yet, very amateurish. No pictures of the actual ship. just tourist pictures that could have been taken anywhere. Sounding out the terrain it would seem.
Along with many others I would welcome a ferry on that route, thereby re-connecting Scandinavia with the UK, and who cares if it be cheap and cheerful, it is only a relatively short journey anyway.
Whilst the journey from Harwich is not of the best, it at least provides access to a reasonable road network from which you can access most of the UK with ease. (Says he, being fairly well acquainted with, and at home in East Anglia)
One thing is for sure, should this all come to fruition, then I will be able to make at least one more trip to the UK before hanging up my driving gloves. The prospect of having to travel the whole way from Uddevalla to my old home village by road was a little more than my better half would have liked me to undertake, since I would have been travelling solo.
We shall see what we shall see - - - - and live in hope.

I do notice, that there is an old form of economy travel - the recliner. Once upon a time these were available in the Tor Line days from Gbg to Immingham and or Felixtowe or somewhere. There again, the journey was cut from the 36Hrs of the Svenska LLoyd Tilbury-Gbg route to one of 24 Hrs with only one night on board, so a recliner was a blessing when on a limited budget.

Yes, interesting indeed.
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post 18.Dec.2015, 01:19 PM
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Anyone know of any updates on Scandinavian ferry services to UK?
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post 18.Dec.2015, 03:49 PM
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I read recently that he's not got a ship yet, that he is trying to charter one. It sounds like a bit of a no-hoper to be honest. I believe he really does want to get it started and... well at least he's trying to get the route on the go again, so good luck to him. i'd definitely be a passenger.
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post 18.Dec.2015, 03:54 PM
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Just found this email on the net someone posted... doesn't sound hopeful.
Dear Sir

In October 2014 we made arrangement with Tallink to buy the wessel Regina Baltica.

She was at that time on a charter and would be ready for us in May 2015. We made all the arrangements and agreed on the price etc.

Just after New Year Tallink informed us, that the current charterer has extended the charter and the delivery date now was 20th July 2015.

We were now planning to start sailing beginning of August 2015 but last week we were informed the current charterer has used the right to buy the wessel when their charter has finished.

So it is not us who is the buyer of the wessel but a swedish company using the wessel for accomodation for workers on a windfarm in the Northsea.

We have also been trying to buy Silja Festival but the same date this wessel was sold to their current charterer.

We are still looking for a suitable wessel for the route, and we are sure we will find a suitable wessel somewhere in Europe, so we can start the route.

I will keep you informed when something positive is happening.

Best regards

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post 19.Dec.2015, 08:47 AM
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Much as I would like this ferry service to re-start I am very sceptical as to Regina Line's chances of making it happen.

Their website is amateurish to say the least and implies they already have a ship when the earlier post makes it clear that they don't. I recently wrote to Harwich harbour authorities and this is what they told me on 23 November 2015:

Thank you for your enquiry.

At present Regina Line do not have an office or any employees based at the Port to respond to your enquiry.

At this time there is no agreement for the commencement of a Regina Line service from Harwich

Kind regards
Tel: +44 (0)1255 242000
Fax: +44 (0)1255 241400

I would not make any plans to be sailing from Harwich to Esbjerg yet!!
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