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The Local _ Legal _ Fired because the company seize operation

Posted by: silvering 28.Feb.2020, 10:33 PM

I've been employed for 2 years 4 months. Today I got an email that basically said that the company is seizing operations (I'm guessing they're closing it for good) and that this is to inform me that 1 month notice period is in effect (apparently the written one is to come). The mail also state that the last working day will be 27th of march. (I will attach the exact text). We're 4 people working for the company, all of us are being laid off. The mail doesn't actually say that the company is closing, but more like something revolving around job cuts or less work than before (can't imagine how both of these are gonna be true, cause if all of us 4 doesn't work, there is no income for the company). I've been reading the Employment protection act and I have some things need clarification.

1. According to the EPA, if you've worked between 2 and 4 years on a non time specified contract (e.g. permanent) they owe you 2 months of notice period. Is that true or are there some extraordinary circumstances that may affect it?
2. Since the company is based in Stockholm, I also live in Stockholm, but my actual job is in southwest Sweden (Malmo and the area, Gothenburg, etc.) am I entitled to a compensation for not be abled to seek for a job? I mean seek for a job in Stockholm where is my residential area. (I have to do some explaining here: Living in Stockholm and going to work in Malmo for example in the following order: Sunday I travel down there, Thursday I'm back home, meanwhile staying in hotel, all expenses paid by them, including traktamente money). That way I won't be able to seek for a job during my notice period.
3. Since that's my first time being laid off (usually I quit for a better paid job) how could I be sure that the company will pay me whatever they owe me in terms of salaries, unused vacation days (one full year) and traktamente money? Is there some government governed grant that ensures that or I am too naive?

Thanks in advance for the possible answers. If I remember something else I need to ask, I will add it.

ps. the text of the mail:


D? f?retaget har ?kt p? nedsk?rningar av jobb s? m?ste vi tyv?rr s?ga upp samtliga anst?llda.
Vi vill tacka er f?r denna tid och samt ett bra utf?rt arbete.
Hoppas v?ra v?gar korsas fram?ver.
Det ?r 1 m?nads upps?gning och sista arbetsdagen ?r 27/?3 - 2020?
Denna dagen skall samtliga verktyg och f?retagets ?godelar l?mnas in.
Upps?gning via brev kommer p? brev hem till er inom kort.

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