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First-hand contract -- what are my rights?

Is there an

post 5.Jul.2020, 02:22 PM
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I rent an apartment on my landlord's property (where their private home is located) and have a first-hand contract for it.

What exactly are my rights and responsibilities as a first-hand contract holder?

I'd like to find a resource that lists all of my rights and responsibilities, but in particular I'd like to know what they are in relation to apartment repairs and termination of the contract by either party.

Got a resource you can point me to? Or is there a renters' union of sorts that can help me if I run into problems with the landlord?


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post 5.Jul.2020, 07:36 PM
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Check the contract you signed. That will contain your obligations, notice period and the rest of what you are looking for.

As for a renter's union there is Hyresg?stf?reningen but your landlord doesn't need to deal with them because I guess they are not large enough to have to.
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