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Legal or illegal asylum seekers

What happens after the war?

post 14.Mar.2013, 10:37 AM
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So much in the news today about legal and illegal asylum seekers in Sweden.

I personally decided to take the legal route. It has been costly and very hard at times, it has been hard to find a job and been a long wait and I have had to jump through a lot of hoops, but now it is finally paying off.

I get angry to those people (the green party) who just want to give away things that I have had to earn and wait for since my arrival here in Sweden.

These people who arrive here on asylum, how long are they permitted to stay? and Im just curious to know what percentage of them that are sent back to their country after the war or short coming is no longer present..isnt that part of the deal?
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post 14.Mar.2013, 10:39 AM
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QUOTE (looking4ajob @ 14.Mar.2013, 11:37 AM) *
sent back to their country after the war or short coming is no longer present..isnt that part of the deal?

Wishful thinking laugh.gif

Once these people get children, the children are Swedish and you cannot really send young Swedes to Mogadishu, can you?

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post 14.Mar.2013, 11:06 AM
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Asylum decisions are made within 90 days, actually much quicker in the majority of cases. The processing target was set by the Government/Parliament.

What all those parties are talking about are not really asylum seekers, again in the majority of cases, the politicians, the charities etc... that consistantly claim people have been waiting years for decisions ...what they and the media forgot to mention, and the politicians don't have the b*lls to, is that those people that have previously been rejected asylum, didn't leave the country when instructed to do so, and making several applications for asylum over the years ... they are people waiting for a decision they want ...which is a Yes to their asylum claim, and refuse/hide until they get it.

The sad thing is that those people are the ones that detract and twist the public view against valid asylum applicants. angry.gif
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