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Tax in Sweden on Income from the US

Sadly: huge benefits income...

post 8.Feb.2020, 10:59 AM
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During 2019, I've worked in Sweden for 9 months and temporarily in the US for < 3 months (during which I requested unpaid leave from my normal Swedish employment).

I am aware that I need to declare the income received abroad also in SE.
Here is my US income (roughly gross total of 41k$):
- Gross Salary: 20k$ (of which withheld taxes ~7k$)
- Gross "Benefits": 21k$ (of which withheld taxes ~7k$)

The "Benefits" (which now seem more like a curse) covered: relocation flights, relocation company fees, and an, apparently expensive as hell, temporary accommodation. The relocation company paid around 14k$ for these and grossed-up with 7k$ in taxes (which makes a total of approx. 21k$ gross).

I had no idea that those 21k$ would appear as part of my income. And I'm concerned because it seems like those will make my income fall in a higher taxation bracket; which implies that I will have to ADD TAXES over money that (I thought) I have never earned!

Am I understanding correctly?
Is there any hope that I can get deductions for part of that money?

(For example, I heard of "Double Accommodation" and various deduction for "increased living expenses", but It's a little difficult for me to understand if those apply also in my case)
(At the same time, I don't want to over-pay!)

I would be very glad if somebody here has experience with these situations and can advise.

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