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Posted on: 10.Sep.2020, 01:08 PM

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Sorry if this doesn't go in this forum but I have seen similar posts already here but they were either too old or didn't really fit my situation.

I have just started working for a UK company but I live here in Sweden. My company in the UK hasn't registered me as a worker living abroad and is planning on deducting the taxes from my salary to pay them there but I have been told here that I have to only pay them in Sweden because is where I live.
I have filled a form for incoming taxes in Sweden and that is all good it seems but in some places I have read that I have to be registered here as an employer (?) as well because my company is not doing so.
Then I called the UK and they told me to fill in a p85 file which doesn't apply to me because I lived before in the UK and I am not hired for an entire tax year (only for 6 months) so I am a bit lost in what I should do, nothing seems to apply to my situation sad.gif

Some other person in the UK told me to just fill in a double taxation form but not sure how this comes into place in all this madness.

All this info I got it from Skatteverket and HM Revenue & Customs, so in theory all the info is legal and right...
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