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The Local _ Stockholm _ Average Avgift in Stockholm

Posted by: AlexPopov 12.Jan.2020, 10:04 PM


I am looking for an apartment in Stockholm, easy to reach Kista. E.g. Sollentuna, Solna, Jarfalla, Bromma, Upplands Vasby etc. I am searching via and checking basic BRF ratings on I am wishing to find an affordable 85+ sqm home for my family. What is unbelievable for me is that monthly avgift levels are mostly more than 5000 SEK. This is almost the same amount as the (interest + amortisation) payment. Some of the advertisements on match with calculations on
My question is if monthly Avgift levels on are really correct?

Thank you in advance,

Posted by: ChocOwl 13.Jan.2020, 12:03 AM

I don't have experience of Booli (have used Hemnet) but when comparing monthly fees you need to look closely at what is included. For some flats, the monthly fee may include internet, cable-TV, parking and various other things which would cost at least a few hundred if paid separately. Usually water, garbage and heating but not household electricity are included. If the flat is a townhouse type of dwelling it is more likely that some or all utilitites will be paid individually and not included in the monthly fee. But don't assume anything!

Posted by: Mib 13.Jan.2020, 10:11 AM

It depends on the building's finances. The newer builds usually have a higer monthly fee due to the developer putting a lot of debt on the building. The older properties tend to be lower. I have seen a couple with zero! The most important thing to consider is the amount of debt the building has, as fees will likely rise when interest rates go up, assuming they haven't fixed the interest rates for years.

The fee tends to include maintenance for the building ie. roof, external windows, rubbish collection, heating, basic cable TV, building insurance, your yearly property tax and servicing the building borrowings. We live in a larger apartment than you're looking for and we pay less than 5,000 p/m. If you looked at a house, you may pay close to that every year to cover the above, plus houses tend to be higher priced the closer to the centre.

We pay for electricity, contents insurance, internal maintenance, extra cable channels and internet and I think that's it. We don't need a car as public transport is excellent and good value. So, you have to do a apreadsheet to collate all the financial savings as well as costs.

Anyway, the lower the fee, the higher the apartment price and vice versa.

Posted by: Essingen55 13.Jan.2020, 09:06 PM

Check if they own their own and or if it is leasehold (tomtr?tt) with the fee being paid to Stockholm. Be careful with any where the land is not owned.

Posted by: AlexPopov 14.Jan.2020, 09:33 AM

Thank you very much for responding. and includes operational costs of an apartment: Avgift and other. However I want to double check and confirm if those values are correct Could you advise If I can find information about monthly fees on BRF web sites? Which document should I look at?


Posted by: Temp 14.Jan.2020, 06:43 PM

5K avgift is not surprising for Sthlm.

You have to remember that you get a mortgage to pay the fee of joining the BRF. The BRF also has a mortgage for the building and property tax to pay, which it services from the avgift (plus building a rainy day fund for repairs and other things). Only the very first sale of rights contributes to the BRF funds, after that each sale is between individuals.

As someone else mentioned, make sure you understand the building mortgage and its status (value, due dates, interest rate, fixed/variable etc) as when interest rates go up, so eventually will the avgift.

To check the avgift value you can look at the BRF's accounts, usually available on the BRF's home page (normally only in Swedish). The value is usually given as ?rsavgift/m2 or avgift/m2/m?nad


Look for ?RSREDOVISNINGAR document, that's where you'll usually find the figures; e.g.

Posted by: AlexPopov 15.Jan.2020, 09:39 AM

Great information. Thank you very much.

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