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How many has Sweden vaccinated

What is today's excuse?

post 14.Jan.2021, 11:44 AM
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QUOTE (Grommet @ 13.Jan.2021, 04:47 AM) *
No fucktard, she was talking about how the kommunes were not following the "recommendations" and that they were responsible for the out-of-control-spread, not her an ... (show full quote)

That isn't what you wrote, fucktard. Don't get all angry when your bullshit is wrong.

If it's so tiring why don't you go back to turning tricks at the docks?

Keep spouting your lies. Twenty followers? You don't even know where my podcasts (plural) are let alone how many subscribers I have. Your whole MO is about writing lies and misinformation with the mantra of 'if you throw enough shit some of it will stick'.

I feel sorry for you.
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post 22.Jan.2021, 05:05 PM
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QUOTE (Essingen55 @ 13.Jan.2021, 09:40 AM) *
You are correct of course. For the FHM it has always been someone else's fault...the regions, immigrants, people not following the recommendations. And yet if you go back, ... (show full quote)

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