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Plumber from Canada
speaks english
5 *Guest* 9,045 28.Mar.2017
By: aidan
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Looking for a Plumber
Recommendations for Stockholm area
2 MissusS 6,608 28.Mar.2017
By: aidan
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Business in Stockholm
Wine/ advertising business
9 luckylefty 8,138 24.Jul.2015
By: *Guest*
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Strong Muslim love spells work in 7 days
Real fortune teller reader from Bosnia  * 123» 8
111 *Guest* 59,776 16.Apr.2015
By: Gamla Häl…
No New Posts 12 davoodbio 7,861 19.Mar.2015
By: Hisingen
No New Posts 24 stockholmc… 10,111 25.Jul.2014
By: Hisingen
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Construction jobs for English speakers?
Stockholm area or Sörmland
13 swedeinnyc 31,732 3.Jun.2014
By: ashraf_mam…
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English Speaking Bar Jobs?
Moving from the UK
5 *Guest* 11,194 27.May.2014
By: Swindon_Ji…
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Desperate need for work, Please help
Englishman in Stockholm  * 1234
52 pmooreimag… 22,815 14.Dec.2013
By: Shadi M
No New Posts 23 *Guest* 44,027 2.Nov.2013
By: *Guest*
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Kitchen work, dishwasher, construction, demolition
And any other no xp, non Swedish speaking jobs
7 Krut Jarl 11,839 21.Sep.2013
By: dave.smith
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Technology Update and Fun
A teknik fun blog...!
8 teknism 3,344 21.Apr.2013
By: Hisingen
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Please help me!
Looking after a Swedish girl I met in Barcelona  * 123» 5
70 yasso005 19,618 22.Sep.2012
By: Hamsterdam
No New Posts 22 lisaferlan… 8,889 3.May.2012
By: entry
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*Guitar Lessons* ENGLISH
Songwriting also offered
11 boxfreshpi… 4,985 31.Mar.2012
By: Svensksmit…
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Prince of Wales arrives in Stockholm
Tomorrow is the day ...
13 byke 4,671 24.Mar.2012
By: byke
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Business in architecture
How to get started
4 Powerpuffg… 2,830 13.Mar.2012
By: Fishtank
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I am Looing for accommodation in södertälje
Either a room or small apartment
3 compldc72 6,663 12.Feb.2012
By: compldc72
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Hiring web Developers (mixed skills needed)
Ideal for students and pros
8 pmooreimag… 2,864 22.Sep.2011
By: gplusa
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Private English Teacher wanted
For ironing out grammar issues  * 12
20 teachuseng… 11,933 20.Sep.2011
By: 7
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Good value PC repair
Happy to give a recommendation
9 Essingen 6,235 22.Jan.2011
By: mikewhite
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WANTED: Cleaning lady
Location Stockholm
11 willwalkst… 6,243 4.Jan.2011
By: Bernike
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WANTED: Private English Teacher
in Stockholm city  * 123
41 willwalkst… 14,989 31.Dec.2010
By: osamasson_…
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Japanese Looking For a Part-time Job!
baby-sitting/ Japanese tutoring/ anything?
7 *Guest* 11,360 30.Nov.2010
By: Furu
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Beating the winter blues
Turning Point lecture  * 12
22 Lysanne Si… 7,202 10.Oct.2010
By: Rikey
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American Girl Looks for Work in Stockholm!
Au Pair, Cleaning, Sales, ESL, Waitress, Etc.
9 annikaolss… 3,227 9.Oct.2010
By: nic_tester
No New Posts 8 AriesIN 6,455 21.Apr.2010
By: Fishtank
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looking for any kind of job
partime or fruit plucking job
9 amandkumar 5,419 13.Apr.2010
By: Furu
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Missing car north Stockholm
Upplandsväsby trainstation  * 12
21 misssh 6,508 21.Feb.2010
By: Norrlands …
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A rant about snow plowing in Stockholm
Why plow if there isn't any snow?  * 12
24 byke 8,651 24.Jan.2010
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