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Posted by: Ver0 24.Feb.2013, 03:09 AM

I am having a dilemma here.
I am counting with being accepted by one school in Stockholm for a one year long course. The acceptance letters are sent out in June and the school starts in mid-August.

But I have a 4 yo daughter who needs a preschool spot and for that she needs a personal number.

Now, preschools in St. area have queues as we know and she won't be put in a queue b4 she has the number. But she won't get the number before my school actually starts.

How am I going to loose this situation??

Besides, my course only lasts 10 months - will I only get coordination number and is that eligible for state preschool, or International? Is that number also given first when my school starts (way too late to apply for preschool...)?

I am a single mom on top of it... So no-one to help me out even temporarily. But the course I am going to attend is one of a kind and I really need it.

How did you guys solve the problem when coming to work/study in Sweden and had to get your kids looked after?

Posted by: johnjohn 24.Feb.2013, 06:01 AM

Pay for private preschool, daycare.

Posted by: skogsbo 24.Feb.2013, 08:04 AM

You really need to speak to your desired school/dagis, many are run by quite human people. I think there are also obligations to provide a place if you are working etc. But others here will know more about Stockholms.

Out here in the sticks, we have a good dagis manager / coordinator, she made all the stay at home mums have their 15hrs a week when they were told, allowing those working or education to get the pick of the day. The mums were fuming at the annual meeting, but couldn't find a single reason against it! I think they all wanted mornings between 9-12, not sure that was for mums only fika or when the window cleaner did his rounds.

Posted by: johnjohn 24.Feb.2013, 10:05 AM

If you are here as a student you are not considered to be a residence thus no person number. You will not qualify for subsidized daycare or other benefits. As a student you are responsible for yourself and your family's support. Even being human the kumune workers cannot break the rules just to be nice and grant you taxpayer's subsidies. Perhaps hiring an au pair, babysitter would be as economical as private day care?

Posted by: Puffin 24.Feb.2013, 10:36 AM

You will need to organize private daycare - I don't thing you are eligible for subsidised daycare without a full personal number.

Posted by: Ver0 24.Feb.2013, 02:15 PM

Thank you so much for clearing it all up for me! I forgot to add that I am from an EU country but I guess it makes no difference.. Maybe having a job aside helps? Right now it sounds like even more complicating though...

I did think about getting an au pair but in that case I would need even bigger apartment - all these costs together will be hard to handle for me as a studying single parent (and I won't get any child support from Sweden or anywhere else, naturally). (PS any online marketing job offers are more than welcome - I speak Dk and No, wink-wink wink.gif)

Posted by: Ver0 24.Feb.2013, 02:24 PM

Still, a job in Sweden means I am paying tax for Sweden and that means I have the right for all the "goodies" as well?

Posted by: Yorkshireman 24.Feb.2013, 02:41 PM

Dagis (pre-school) places are based upon where the child is Folkbokfört, the Kommun that the child is living in according to the population register ...if You are not here yet, haven't been Folkbokfört then of-course you are not entitled to anything that is resident based. If you have a job and are paying taxes, then you will get a personnummer, and should register your child with the tax authorities into the population register ...then that opens the door to day-care.

Posted by: johnjohn 24.Feb.2013, 03:27 PM

I am not and expert. I however believe in order to get a right of residence and person number based upon work you would need a long term contract and sufficient salary ie. nearly a fulltime job. Full time school and full time job being a single mom? Part time unless really high pay won't help in my option.

Posted by: byke 24.Feb.2013, 04:00 PM

Also processing time could make it virtually useless.
If said person is only here for less than a year, by the time credits are recognized they may be on there way out.

Posted by: Ver0 24.Feb.2013, 04:29 PM

Yeah, looks like an hopeless case. The only option seems to be to hire an au-pair. But I'm glad I have the answers now - the bits and pieces of information given on governmental sites didn't give me the whole picture.

Posted by: byke 24.Feb.2013, 04:39 PM

be careful in regards to hiring an au-pair, there are special rules and regulations regarding this as well as taxes etc that need to be paid.

Posted by: Case officer 24.Feb.2013, 05:27 PM

QUOTE (Ver0 @ 24.Feb.2013, 03:09 AM) *
How did you guys solve the problem when coming to work/study in Sweden and had to get your kids looked after?

Children who live in Sweden but who do not have a personal number has the right to go to school. (Skollag 2010:800, 29 kap § 2). Contact your local municipality to arrange all practical matters.

Posted by: johnjohn 24.Feb.2013, 05:30 PM

The kid is 4 years old. Not school age.

Posted by: Ver0 24.Feb.2013, 05:50 PM

In theory I am not be eligible even for an au-pair as for that one of the family members has to be a swede etc. So no I won't be doing any paperwork there - it'd be fully between me and the helper (also from an EU country).

I will go through all the private international preschools though, most of their websites suck, lacking much of the information I need regarding the personal number and the fees, so it'll take time.
If any of you have a good one to point out, I would appreciate it. I can pay max €1000/a month, hoping for less.

How do newcomers manage this personal number mess in Sweden?

In Norway they give a fictive number so that children can go to kindergarten asap so the parents can start working, all so simple.

Posted by: byke 24.Feb.2013, 06:11 PM

Ver0, 10k a month will cover private day care.
Its actually less but you have to pay admission fee's when joining so it should be about correct.

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