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Greenpeace drop boulders in cod protest

To prevent bottom trawling

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post 12.Aug.2009, 09:07 AM
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Part of my charitable exercises involves working with the EU commission fisheries for the Baltic and the North Sea, and since 1997, we have within working groups made up of NGO's, special interest groups like WWF, universities and member States, to ascertain the extent of the continual declines in the Baltic, of salmon, sea trout and cod stocks.

There is now clear evidence from the EU SAP, that fish stocks in the Baltic are no longer a sustainable resource. From our last meeting in Brussels in April, one of the commissioners stated that there were three areas of concern, a continual decline in the Baltic fish stocks due to over fishing, a real threat of extinction and lastly, a resource that is in real danger due to the in-activity of the member state(s) governments.

Although, much of what Greenpeace has done in the past has been a hit-and-miss but good intention activity. this time around they have got it right.

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