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What made you like Sweden?

Was it love or just something different?

post 11.Jul.2009, 03:42 PM
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Location: United Kingdom
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I've read a few topics on this story, example "Why do people stay in Sweden" but I want to find the reason behind it.

Growing up I have never really liked the UK and had my sights on Japan for a long time until I fell in love with a Swede. It was because of her I did loads of research about the country and found out that I really liked it, but now with us finished I still love Sweden but don't know what to do, do I still move to the country I love? That is the thought I have every day.

Putting me aside, I thought I would ask a question to all you locals, what made you fall in love with Sweden when you where living in your home country? I'm sure there are number of Swedish people on here as well, what's made you come to this website? smile.gif
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jack sprat
post 11.Jul.2009, 03:58 PM
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Well I wasnt in my home country at the time and finding the Spanish birds kind of hard work I always looked forward to the arrival of the snowbirds.

Unfortunately I was daft enough to follow 3 of them back to their homeland just to find out the root cause of their extreme frustration.

Having said that my Northern expeditions have been well worth while and quite fruitful,so no major complaints as long as I am out of here before the hibernation season begins.
Come to think of it maybe it already has.
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Holecutter > The Howl ...
post 11.Jul.2009, 04:38 PM
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I really like Sweden, however, what I detest is the blind face of bureaucracy here. The Swedish lack of guts, when it comes to questioning why, when things are obviously wrong, and the utter and without question belief that their Government can do no wrong. What really pisses me off, is the over use of women on TV news, politics and everything else...most of them are so bland its sickening.

In summary

Women here are not equipped to to anything here, other than to have brats and clean the house and take out the garbage

Other than that Sweden is OK

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Renfeh Hguh
post 11.Jul.2009, 04:48 PM
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QUOTE (Holecutter > The Howl From He @ 11.Jul.2009, 05:38 PM) *
Women here are not equipped to to anything here, other than to have brats and clean the house and take out the garbage

The same applies worldwide I think, they just have not realised it here rolleyes.gif
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post 11.Jul.2009, 04:49 PM
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hey people, try not to get distracted from the actual question tongue.gif
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post 11.Jul.2009, 08:38 PM
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Well, first I'm going to answer the question that was initially asked... I am a dual citizen & spent summers in Skåne with family since I was a baby. I love how utterly gorgeous Sweden is & the lifestyle there, at least from my experience of it & also hearing from others who live or have lived in Sweden, in various parts of the country.

I enjoy spending time outside & love biking everywhere whenever possible. Sweden & much of Europe in general is so wonderful with its bike friendly cities & towns. Perhaps to other EU residents this may not be noted as a luxury, but I currently live in one of the supposed "most bike friendly" cities in the U.S. & it is quite honestly NOT bike friendly at all! There are little things like that which I took for granted until I was older.

In spite of the fact that I prefer a warmer climate in general, the weather in (southern) Sweden in the winter is much more bearable than where I live. It does not get nearly as cold or have as much snow in the winter, even if the daylight hours are fewer. If there was a state in the U.S. with a warmer climate that it was economically reasonable to move to temporarily, I would. However, I'd rather save my money for Sweden. There's more to life than year-round warm, sunny weather.

All countries have problems with the government to one extent or another, but Sweden's policies in general & social conscience/attitude I find much more progressive & effective than many others. The quality of living is much higher & healthier. When I move to Sweden I will enjoy the fact that any taxes I pay, no matter how high, will at least be going where I can see it helping the people of the country as a whole, even if some things will not benefit me personally. It's refreshing to know that taxes go to things of substance as opposed to bailing out failing &/or fraudulent institutions/companies and of course senseless wars.

All in all I mainly love Sweden simply because I love my family & every visit with them was always so wonderful. I get nostalgic & quite "homesick" for it actually when I've been away for longer periods of time. I have so many good memories in Sweden as a child as well as more recent visits as an adult.

Just a few questions/comments re:
QUOTE (Holecutter > The Howl From He @ 11.Jul.2009, 04:38 PM) *
...The Swedish lack of guts, when it comes to questioning why, when things are obviously wrong, and the utter and without question belief that their Government can do no wrong ... (show full quote)

I'm sure things go wrong in the government which I am less aware of than those who have lived there for long periods of time or their whole lives. I don't think governments of most any country like to admit when they are wrong.

As for women, I cannot tell if if you are incredibly sexist or the opposite & making a remark about Sweden's media. I wouldn't say the "over use" but rather the "misuse" or "abuse" of women on TV news, politics, etc. is a common problem all over as well. In the U.S. it is obviously horrible. I despise how women are used & devalued for their bodies & actions (regardless of what those actions are) for marketing/media/money-making schemes.

I don't really understand what you mean by "bland" but if you mean the above (society only emphasizing & valuing the superficial in women) then yes, I would agree. Once again, it's all over sadly... "Bland" in another sense?...

"Women not being equipped to do anything here" - Well my initial thought was that this is an incredibly sexist remark about women in general, especially considering there are more women in the work force in Sweden providing for themselves & their families than in many, MANY other countries - and I'm not speaking of just developing/third world countries.

However, if it was not meant as a sexist statement, general question then - If the comment was rather meant to say that women don't have enough resources or opportunities to go out and do things other than raise children in Sweden, well then tell please tell this woman who does not yet live there permanently why this is & in what manner you see it manifested in Sweden. I have seen Sweden in the opposite light rather in comparison to other countries, but please enlighten me... It is good information to know if it is in fact true.
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