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The Local _ Language _ Swedish language level for Digital Marketing

Posted by: Funkuser88 22.Oct.2017, 04:31 PM


I am looking for a job in digital Marketing at Sweden and I was wondering what level of Swedish is required for jobs in Digital Marketing or marketing as general.

Thank you for your time

Posted by: Mib 22.Oct.2017, 09:57 PM

I would imagine you would need a high level of Swedish to be able to understand how certain sentences, phrases and words are translated from say English to Swedish. Often, we get proofs from Marketing to check the wording as it's technically specific. My Wife can speak and write German and a friend of hers asked her to translate some marketing text to German and she was unable to do it as she couldn't translate it to German terminology in marketing speak. It really is an art.

If you're talking about the technical aspects to support and create campaigns using digital tools, understanding SEO etc etc, then there's probably less of a need for Swedish, but you either have to have some unique/in demand skill or experience to be considered above a Swedish speaker.

If you've read some of the articles on The Local from people who have moved here and got a job without Swedish, then building a network will be the best way into that market.

Posted by: Guest 29.Dec.2017, 04:57 AM

A high level of Swedish maybe

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